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窗想,透過相機觀景窗,想像創意無限的可能性。 影像,畫面不停歇溝通,表現出色有效率的支援。

設計,營銷需求與企劃,創造獨特性價值的定位 。



窗想影像設計團隊坐落於新北市新莊區,我們是一群活力與創新的團隊。 從「心」開始,為品牌展開一個美好的旅程。 現階段,客戶面對著瞬息萬變的市場, 窗想從溝通開始,以行銷的角度替客戶思考面對的處境, 並量身打造質感的品牌形象, 好的畫面會說話,並與受眾達到最有效率與有效度的溝通。 我們相信,好的溝通內容會為品牌帶來最大的收益。

The mission of Wintasy_Design

Wintasydesign through the camera view window, imagine the unlimited possibilities of creativity.

The images and screens communicate continuously, with outstanding performance and efficient support.

Design, marketing needs and planning, create unique value positioning.

Observe that the market changes the opportunity to launch products that meet the needs of the market.

Strategies, judging new trends in the future, and establishing relative policies to seek value.

The window design team is located in Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City. We are a dynamic and innovative team. Starting from the "heart", start a beautiful journey for the brand. At this stage, customers are facing the ever-changing market. Chuang wants to start with communication, thinking about the situation facing customers from a marketing perspective, and tailoring a quality brand image. A good picture can speak and reach the audience most Communication of efficiency and effectiveness. We believe that good communication content will bring the most benefits to the brand.

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